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DSU Capacity Market

Delivering value to Irish clients

Through DSU Capacity schemes

What is DSU?

A Demand Side Unit (DSU) is a site (such as a commercial or industrial business) that can be instructed to reduce electricity demand. This may be due to peak consumption, or reduced generation.

A DSU uses a combination of on-site generation and/or plant shutdown to deliver a demand reduction in response to an instruction from EirGrid. DSUs that are available for demand reduction are eligible for the DSU capacity scheme and a capacity payment in the Single Electricity Market (SEM).

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What is the Capacity Market?

The Capacity Market exists to enable payments to DSUs for their ability to turn down demand.

The capacity payments were traditionally open to generators to assist with funding generation capacity. In return, they have an obligation to generate when the system requires additional capacity. Now, a similar effect can be achieved through a reduction in demand, which is where energy intensive businesses come in. With the right technology, businesses can reduce demand and take advantage of the capacity payments with no impact on operations.

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Proven technology

The intelligent energy technology has been successfully implemented in Ireland, having been refined over years in similar fast-acting services in the UK.

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Developed & refined

Over the course of ten years, this technology has been developed and refined by some of energy and tech’s greatest minds.

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Peace of mind

Our highly qualified team of experts ensure your operational integrity are always at the heart of any installation.

How to qualify

A DSU is required to demonstrate Grid Code compliance before they become commercially operational.

This is achieved through a number of Grid Code tests that will be witnessed by EirGrid. EirGrid may also require testing as part of on-going Grid Code performance monitoring when the unit is commercially operational.

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Expert assistance

By working with GridBeyond’s experts, we’ll ensure your site is completely ready for the Grid Code tests and subsequent participation.

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