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BEIS, the ADE, GridBeyond and Eurac explore Capacity Market reforms and Demand Side Response (DSR) technology during site visit

Last week, representatives from the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) and the government’s department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) visited Eurac, a leading European foundry using GridBeyond’s energy technology to participate in the Capacity Market and Demand Side Response programmes.

The objective of the meeting was for the ADE and BEIS to observe production processes and witness first-hand how smart sensors and technology powered by machine learning gives Eurac full control of their energy, which supports the ADE and BEIS’ vision towards a smart, resilient, decentralised and flexible energy system.


Michael Phelan, Chief Executive at GridBeyond commented:

“As BEIS is currently undertaking a five year review of the capacity market, we’re pleased the department is interested in learning more about the experience of DSR and capacity providers.

“The visit at our client, Eurac, created an opportunity not only to review first-hand how the large industrial and commercial energy users, equipped with our technology, help to balance the grid, but also contribute to GridBeyond’s ongoing dialog with the BEIS and ADE on the development of suitable regulations and policies for the energy sector.

“GridBeyond believe there is a need for modifications to the Capacity Market rules to ensure technological neutrality for all participants. In the last T-4 auction, held in Feb 2018 for delivery in 2021/22, 25% of the individual units which won contracts were DSR providers, but they were contracted to deliver only 2.5% of the actual capacity volume.

“We welcomed the opportunity to discuss the future of DSR participation in the Capacity Market with the representatives from ADE and BEIS.”


Rick Parfett, Policy Officer for The ADE commented:

“Having the opportunity to visit Eurac and learning about the valuable role that GridBeyond are helping them to play in the transition to the smart system future was very informative.

“Businesses, like Eurac, which are able to be flexible in their demand on grid, are creating a win-win situation for energy users, energy system players and the System Operator. Those participating receive a financial incentive, the system operator benefits from reduced network costs and this in turn reduces costs for all users of the energy system.”


Steve Merritt, General Manager at Eurac, commented:

“Eurac has been working with GridBeyond since 2016 and have built a successful partnership which allows us to achieve the benefits of DSR participation, whilst minimising the impact on the daily operations of the business to a more than manageable level.

“Eurac welcomed ADE and BEIS and were pleased to give them the opportunity to see DSR in action at a large scale operational site.”



For more information, please contact PR Manager, Joanna Spirodek on 01923 431 638 or press.office@gridbeyond.com

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