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GridBeyond to showcase how to enhance sustainability with DSR & energy optimisation at Edie Live

GridBeyond to exhibit at this year’s Edie live, stand M22 in the energy innovation space.

Find us on stand M22, where we’ll be serving freshly ground coffee and discussing how demand side response is more than just a revenue stream, and how the technology behind it can enhance sustainability in more ways than many realise…

Top 3 sustainability drivers for DSR:

1. The Bigger Picture

DSR helps the UK’s electricity network to integrate more renewables. By balancing supply and demand, the grid avoids the need to start up the instantaneous fossil fuel based power plants at peak times.

2. On-Site Reductions

When connected via a high-end platform, your DSR assets can be controlled to achieve significant reductions in consumption and costs, optimising building’s equipment and how it all works together. By only using the energy the equipment actually needs, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and boost their green credentials. All of which can be monitored via GridBeyond’s energy dashboard, which will be demonstrated at Edie Live.

3. A Sustainable Side-Effect

By connecting assets to energy monitoring and control technology as part of DSR, sites are automatically able to take advantage of predictive maintenance. GridBeyond uses machine-learning to recognise the energy consumption patterns in equipment to identify the lead up to equipment failure. This not only ensures that there are no unexpected lulls in production, but saves on breakdown call outs, and ensures equipment lasts for longer, reducing wastage.

Learn more about the sustainability benefits of participating in demand side response (as well as the financial rewards and savings), and understand how GridBeyond’s technology simplifies the complex energy market at our stand

We’ll also be showcasing the world’s first hybrid battery & demand network

A hybrid battery and demand network is a portfolio of commercial batteries, embedded generation and demand assets working in harmony to provide flexibility to the grid, whilst enabling inflexible sites access to the fastest responding (and most financially rewarding) balancing services.

The solution contemplates all of the interdependent needs of the energy consumers as well as addressing a significant and growing problem for grid operators, which require an increased speed of response to enable the increased penetration of renewable generation.

Deploying behind-the-meter storage at industrial and commercial sites creates a level of flexibility greater than the sum of the parts. GridBeyond already had the expertise to identify the flexibility that resides in existing systems and are now able to balance that with battery. Some sites on the network have seen over 65% increase in flexibility from on-site assets when connected to the hybrid network, which translates into a 65% increase in available revenue and savings too.

Sustainability pioneers in the manufacturing industry, Ardagh Group, were the first to install a behind-the-meter battery on the network at the end of 2017, and kick-start the evolution into the hybrid era.

“To be part of a pivotal sustainability achievement such as this makes Ardagh very proud. Sustainability and energy management are extremely important to Ardagh. As part of GridBeyond’s hybrid battery and demand network, we are able to reduce our reliance on the Grid during peak times, and fundamentally help the UK to meet its renewable generation goals.”

– Bishwa Giri, Energy manager for Glass Europe at Ardagh Glass


About Edie Live

Through the lens of energy, resources, the built environment, mobility and business leadership, Edie have created the UK’s only event which is tailor-made to fit the needs of sustainability, energy and resource professionals. Be inspired by sustainability superstars, coached by industry experts, encouraged by your peers, and shown the way by hundreds of innovative suppliers.

Discover innovative energy solutions; be inspired by thought leadership and best practice case studies to accelerate the transition to low-carbon; overcome your business challenges with energy industry experts in free consultations; and pinpoint future strategy to prepare for the long term.

About GridBeyond

GridBeyond uses world-class technology to balance the electricity grid, enabling the integration of more renewables, and delivering enhanced benefits to large energy consumers.

  • GridBeyond’s award-winning platform enables access to the most rewarding demand response services, as part of the world’s first hybrid battery and demand network.
  • Unique analytics, benchmarking and reporting into energy activity and DSR participation are accessible via GridBeyond’s advanced client portal.
  • Absolute peace of mind: GridBeyond’s asset-first approach, experience across all key industry sectors and technical expertise means they are trusted by hundreds of sites across the UK & Ireland.
  • GridBeyond simplifies the complex energy market by bringing together balancing services, capacity, smart tariffs, energy trading, peak avoidance and energy optimisation into one unified platform.

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