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GridBeyond Joins Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA)

GridBeyond, the global leader in intelligent energy technology for industrial and commercial businesses, has joined the Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) as a corporate member. The company supports large energy users, including wood, pulp and paper businesses, in improving their bottom line through new revenue streams, savings and increased operational efficiencies.

GridBeyond harnesses the power of AI technology to connect industrial and commercial (I&C) businesses, and their assets, with the award-winning Point platform. The platform enables participation in energy services including demand response, smart tariffs, energy trading and peak cost avoidance, and provides access to a range of monitoring tools that enhance business resilience and operational integrity.


Mark Davis, Managing Director UK & Ireland at GridBeyond, commented:

“We recognise that the energy landscape can be a difficult place to follow. This is why we are excited to have joined the Paper Industry Technical Association to support members with our expertise and energy market insights. As businesses develop post-COVID-19 recovery plans and look for ways to improve their bottom line during this economic uncertainty, energy markets provide opportunities to access long-term revenue streams, enhance savings and boost environmental credentials.

“Assets typically used by wood, pulp and paper businesses such as debarkers, chippers, grinders, refiners, paper machines, and on-site generation including CHP, provide significant volumes of energy flexibility. When monetised through collaboration with National Grid, the flexibility can benefit businesses with an additional revenue stream of up to £100k per MW.”

One of GridBeyond’s UK partners, a global leader in paper and packaging, connected two of its on-site CHP generators to our Point platform to participate in National Grid’s frequency response programmes. Shortly after that, the company started to benefit from average monthly payments in the range of £10k, without any capital expenditure or impact on operational integrity.


Barry Read, CEO at PITA, commented:

“Energy is one of the largest costs facing pulp and paper mill operations; so anything that can help reduce this burden adds directly to mill profitability. Therefore we are delighted to welcome GridBeyond as a new Corporate Member of PITA.

“In the one hundred years that PITA has served this industry, the Association has promoted many new technical ideas, and use of AI-driven control of energy demand fits well within our remit. Looking to the future, we look forward to working with GridBeyond as they help our colleagues in paper mills to develop new revenue streams and reduce operating costs.”


GridBeyond believes that education leads to better, more informed business decisions. To support businesses in navigating the complexity of the energy markets, GridBeyond developed an academy of educational resources ranging from whitepapers and guides, to blogs and webinars that specifically address the opportunities and challenges on the evolving sector.

For more information on how GridBeyond can help wood, pulp and paper businesses improve their bottom line through enhanced energy services, visit our wood & paper mill industry pages. 

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