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GridBeyond Joins the Global Cold Chain Alliance

GridBeyond, the global leader in intelligent energy technology for commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses and Distributed Energy Resources Management (DERM) platform provider, has joined the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) as an industry supplier member.

The company supports large energy consumers in improving their bottom line through new revenue streams and savings, whilst enhancing their sustainability credentials. By connecting energy intensive assets, energy storage, on-site generation and EV charging to GridBeyond’s AI energy platform, Point, C&I businesses can participate in energy market opportunities without any capital expenditure or impact on their operational integrity.


Wayne Muncaster, Vice-President for North America operations, who will be contributing to GCCA’s Refrigeration & Energy Committee, commented:

 “We are pleased to join the Global Cold Chain Alliance, and we are looking forward to supporting members with our expertise and energy market insights.

“Cold storage assets used in the refrigeration cycle, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, fans and coolers, are ideal for participation in grid balancing services. Due to the thermal inertia of the refrigeration process, the energy consumption of those assets is highly flexible and can therefore be easily used to participate in energy services and support grid operators with balancing the energy network, without any impact on the operational integrity.

“By connecting refrigeration and freezer assets, on-site generation and storage, to our intelligent energy technology platform, cold storage businesses can access long term revenue streams and enhance savings, to protect their bottom line and recover revenues that might have been lost due to Covid-19 pandemic.”


Julie Hanson, Director for European Division at the Global Cold Chain Alliance, commented:

“The Global Cold Chain Alliance is pleased to welcome GridBeyond  as a member. We look forward to having their expertise and services in energy resources available to other members in the alliance.”

For over a decade, GridBeyond has supported the world’s biggest brands by enabling their participation in energy markets, delivering demand response revenue, enhanced savings, strengthened operations and energy performance. The company works with over 60% of all cold storage business in the U.K. and Ireland, including Sysco (Brakes Group), XPO Logistics, Lineage Logistics and Reed Boardall.

Andrew Baldwin, Managing Director at Reed Boardall, the leading European temperature controlled food distribution business, commented on the collaboration with GridBeyond:

“GridBeyond helped us in understanding the marketplace and advised on the programs best suited to our assets. Without any investment on our part, we started to receive revenue based on the asset flexibility we already had on our sites. They started working for us in a better and smarter way.”

Having achieved the leadership position in Europe, at the beginning of 2020, GridBeyond launched operations in the U.S., starting from the liberalized energy markets: Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and PJM Interconnection, with plans to expand into further territories over the coming months. The company looks forward to working closely with C&I businesses, utilities, generators, distributors, utilities, transmission and grid operation networks to enhance their financial outcomes, increase operational resilience and improve sustainability.

GridBeyond recognizes that the energy landscape is complex and believes that education leads to better, more informed business decisions. To support businesses in navigating the complexity of the energy markets, GridBeyond has developed an academy of educational resources ranging from whitepapers and guides, to blogs and webinars that specifically address the opportunities and challenges on the evolving sector.

For more information on how GridBeyond can help food and cold storage businesses improve their bottom line through enhanced energy services, visit our food industry page.


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