Webinar: A Winter’s Tale

What are the energy challenges ahead?

In February 2021, a series of severe winter storms swept across the US due to the polar jet stream dipping, which allowed the polar vortex to push Arctic air across the US.

As we come back into Winter, the US is expected to see net demand for electricity increase by around 1% relative to last year’s levels. While this doesn’t sound much, it could have big impacts. With the current “energy crunch” being felt across much of the world, if your energy bills are not managed, then this winter could result in high energy costs.

On 7 December at 1pm CT / 2pm ET, GridBeyond VP for North America, Wayne Muncaster and Business Development Manager (North America) Alden Phinney will examine

  • weather forecasts
  • what has been said about grid preparedness this winter
  • what has been done to-date to weatherize grids
  • possible implications of weather conditions on energy prices
  • risks for businesses

Your host: Wayne Muncaster, VP North America

Wayne is a regular industry speaker and advocate for enhanced energy services and demand side response.

With over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector and since starting with British Gas back in the early 90’s, Wayne has seen the energy landscape change significantly and is ideally placed to provide advice and education on this complex market.

With the influx of renewable energy and the Grid requiring the help of technologically advanced energy service providers and large energy consumers to ensure the US can reach it’s green goals, Wayne’s invaluable knowledge and expertise have secured him a spot as one of the industry’s authoritative voices.

Wayne Muncaster, VP North America