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The energy industry

The Energy Industry

Grid Operators need new ways to balance energy demand | Energy intelligence is the answer

The energy landscape is fundamentally changing

The energy landscape has fundamentally changed, and is continuing to change.

As more renewable energy sources become available, our power infrastructure needs more flexibility. Grid operators need new ways to balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid. Demand Side Response and grid energy intelligence are the answer. GridBeyond is your partner.

Solar panels

Solutions for grid stability

To tackle these energy challenges, grid operators have developed a broad suite of programmes called Demand Response.

These strategies consist of either decreasing or increasing the electricity demand on the grid to stabilise grid frequency. This adds stability to the system and reduces the need for coal and gas fired reserves when renewable sources are intermittent.

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We balance the grid using energy intelligence

GridBeyond’s technology uses frequency data from the grid to trigger a response. Depending on the programme and the site’s set parameters, these responses can occur within milliseconds of a frequency fluctuation.

Grid balance

The grid has a licensed obligation to operate at a steady frequency, thus ensuring the secure delivery of power to the nation.

Grid operators

Grid operators incentivise those willing to reduce their demand on the network during peak times, to ensure that the frequency of the grid is properly managed.

Renewables challenges

The intermittent nature of renewable generation, such as wind and solar, means that the grid finds the frequency balance tipped far more often than it used to.

The grid relies on us

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities. GridBeyond provides a gateway for industrial and commercial energy users to take advantage of financial incentives for adjusting energy demand to balance the grid.

Unique technology

GridBeyond’s technology platform unifies and simplifies every element of the energy market by creating a single point of control and management.

Who we work with

GridBeyond works with some best known industrial and commercial brands across 50+ sub-sectors to deliver the best returns on their participation.

Our award-winning technology platform connects energy intensive assets and automatically adjusts power consumption in real-time to balance the Grid – all with zero impact to operations.

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