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Working together

We work with industry, commerce and the energy grid

To optimise financial, operational and sustainable returns

Providing Demand Side Response for business

GridBeyond takes a holistic approach to energy and Demand Side Response technology. As such, we take a central role in bringing all areas across the energy landscape together to solve the issues around grid balancing and on-site optimisation and efficiencies.

We work cohesively with grid operators, intensive energy users, suppliers, distribution networks and battery providers to deliver a fully digitalised, decentralised and decarbonised electricity system.

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Working for End Users and Grid Operators

Our contribution and expertise operates predominantly at two levels:

For grid operators, we deliver a technical solution to grid balancing challenges. This helps to minimise the costs associated with achieving a truly balanced and ‘smart’ grid.

For industrial and commercial end users, we provide all of the critical elements: technology, expertise and experience – that enable companies to participate in energy services and thereby optimise returns.

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Financing made easy with no up-front costs

Our approach to financing your participation is simple, transparent and there’s no hidden catch.

We take care of the necessary hardware and software installation, as well as the monitoring and control of the systems.

All of this is provided without any capex requirement. We simply take a share of any balancing services payouts instead.

Energy Technology

Flexible platform

We tailor the Point platform for every single customer to ensure maximum returns and safe operation.

Open system

Integrate our platform with any of your current building management, scheduling and monitoring platforms.

One-stop shop

All elements of energy management in one place.

Multi-layered benefits

Stack opportunities in balancing services, capacity, peak optimisation, energy trading and energy optimisation.

Trusted & proven

Trusted by 500+ sites across the UK and Ireland.

Ongoing support

Continual support from our network operations centre, account management team and engineering experts.

Why work with GridBeyond?

GridBeyond unlocks powerful, long-term returns on energy consumption for intensive energy users.

Risk-free revenue streams

National Grid offers energy intensive companies the potential to earn extra income from their energy flexibility. We connect your facility to National Grid balancing services to deliver you a monthly revenue within 4 weeks of install.

Our vision

The energy landscape is fundamentally changing. As more renewable energy sources come online, our power infrastructure needs more flexibility. Grid Operators need new ways to balance energy demands. Demand Side Response is the answer.

Price Optimisation

Energy markets are continually fluctuating. Our machine-learning technology takes inputs from a range of sources to make decisions on the best times to sell your energy flexibility or generation back to the grid. The same mechanisms help businesses to avoid peaks in costs at times of high demands.

Future-proof technology

Our technology provides a platform that helps you to take control of your energy consumption, making a significant contribution to your bottom line.

Round-the-clock support

GridBeyond’s Network Operations Centre is where a team of operators work around the clock, monitoring the operational smart grid incentive schemes and carry out bespoke customer energy data analysis.

Our unique and award-winning technology platform connects energy intensive assets and automatically adjusts power consumption in real-time to balance the Grid – all with zero impact to operations.

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